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Small Hole EDM

To further enhance service to our customers, F/M EDM uses a high speed EDM drilling machine. The small hole EDM machine uses the EDM process to blast through hardened steels and carbide that cannot be conventionally machined.

The small hole EDM is the perfect compliment to our wire EDM's in that it gives us the ability to quickly EDM wire start holes in our work pieces. This helps to minimize material preparation times and allows us to offer our customers the fastest turnarounds possible.

If small hole EDM expertise is what you need, we welcome the opportunity to show you all that F/M EDM has to offer.

Our small hole drilling capabilities include drilling deep holes through hard alloys, from all angles, using 0.004" to 0.250" diameter electrodes, to depths of 10 to 300 times diameter. Automatically, virtually burr free.

Current CT-300
   CNC Programmed Controller
   12.00" x 8.00"
Max Material Thickness: