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Sinker EDM

F/M EDM uses a Mitsubishi M25 CNC sinker to satisfy all of our conventional EDM needs. Equipped with a "C" axis and toolchanger we can optimize our cutting time to increase unattended machine time which translates into decreased cost for our customers.

We can use our M25 for forging dies, injection molds, coining dies, polishing and engraving. Our CNC capabilities allow us to EDM down, up or sideways and reach into difficult to access areas.

We also can EDM any size thread into hardened material without damaging the material integrity.

Mitsubishi M25
   C6 controller, "C"Axis
   8 position 3R tool changer
   9.9" x 7.9" x 9.9"
Tank Envelope:
   22.00" x 18.00"